Lindstrøm Hotel

Lindstrøm Hotel

6887 Lærdal, Norway


The long and narrow Lærdalsdalen valley has approx. 2,200 inhabitants. Today, the most important industry is agriculture. This is because the valley is fertile but also dry, with only approx. 400 mm of precipitation per year. For most of the 20th century, the road through Lærdal was the only road between Eastern Norway and Western Norway that was open all year. Today Lærdal is also a traffic hub for travel between east and west, north and south. The world’s longest road tunnel, the 24 km long Lærdal tunnel, runs from Lærdal to Aurland. Sverrestigen (“Sverre’s ladder”) was the main road in Lærdal from 1100 to 1792. In 1272, it was decided that the road had to be a spear’s breadth wide.

The majestic Sognefjord is the king of all fjords. It is 200 km long and 1,300 m deep at its deepest point. The Sognefjord is actually as deep as the mountains around the fjord are high.

Borgund Stave Church
Borgund Stave Church was built around 1150 and is consecrated to the apostle Andrew. The church has been well maintained and is the most typical of all Norwegian stave churches.
-Borgund Stave Church
Borgund Stave Church
Borgund Stave Church

Old Lærdalsøyri
Near the hotel is Old Lærdalsøyri, the old village centre, which with its 160 18th and 19th century buildings is now a preservation area. A complete architectural milieu like that in Old Lærdalsøyri where all the buildings are in the distinctive local style is now a unique sight in Western Norway. People have been living in Old Lærdalsøyri since the early 17th century.
Local Map Lærdal

The “Snow Road” between the fjords
The Aurland Road (Aurlandsvegen) between Aurland and Lærdal is 48 km long and its highest point is 1,306 metres over sea level. Fantastic views of the Nærøyfjord and the Jotunheimen mountains. This road has been designated a national tourist route.
The Snow Road
The Snow Road

The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre
is located near the Lærdal River – only 100 metres from the Lindstrøm Hotel. At the centre you can learn about the history of Atlantic salmon and salmon fishing traditions.

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